A business angel invests time, money, and resources in an early-stage project to help get it off the ground in conjunction with its founder(s).

A business angel doesn’t only invest cash in a startup, but an angel will always invest some cashin a formalized relationship to demonstrate “skin in the game”.

A business angel typically does not hold a formal role in the company, though there are exceptions where some will join the board or even serve as a de-facto co-founder if skills and needs align.

You are a business angel if you invest just a five-digit sum of any currency in a startup, but your experience and connections are more valuable than your investment.




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About BAN

BAN was established in April 2016 as the Norwegian umbrella organization for business angels. Our members are typically regional membership-organizations of business angels. However, BAN may accept organizations that are not regionally defined as members as well. Individual business angels may be accepted as individual members, but this will normally be the case where there is no regional entity available. Each of these regional organizations are often referred to as a BAN, a business angel network.

BAN is the Norwegian chapter of BAN Nordic, the Nordic-Baltic business angel association. We also have different types of relations with other BANs worldwide.

BAN is now using CROWDWORKS as our primary communication INVESTORS PLATFORM tool in the investment process.

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