What do we do?

Provide arena to meet startups and investment projects

The 2nd Wednesday every month BAN does the Angels' Club. This is angels-only, to meet, learn and invest. Program 1630-1700, mingle before and after.

The 3rd Wednesday every month the BAN group Green Angels does an event for Angels and startups interested in green investments. Program 1630-1700, mingle before and after.

Represent angels in the Norwegian society

BAN represents the Norwegian angel community towards the society. We have worked a successfully on getting the tax incentive for angels and are now working on options and the investor visa.

Educate angels and potential angels

BAN supports all angel education programs – both for potential angels and experienced angels.

Our board

We have assembled a team of highly experienced professionals with broad connections in Oslo, Norway, and around the world to help to build your business here and globally. Contact us with questions about your business needs, office spaces, event venues, our programs, pitching, and investors, or international business.

Åsmund J. Mandal


Jørn Lein-Mathisen

Board Member and Founder

Håkon Skar

Board Member

Ingar S. Bentsen

Board Member

Camilla Andersson

Board Member


Christina Westerveld Haug

Board Member

Sten Magne Hansen

Board Member

Håvard Claussen Martinsen

Board Member


Our administration

Jørn Lein-Mathisen

Managing Director

Elisabeth Kalsnes

Legal Representative

Rita Anson

Project Manager