Get angel funding

How to get angel funding

If you are a startup’er, it is likely that you at some point would benefit from having one or more angels involved in your startup. Angels are normally individuals with experience and contacts that may be useful to your startup. They are defined by also investing their own cash into the startup, and this often comes at the point when you formalize a relationship.

Your relationship with angels can take many different forms – simply because people can help you in very different ways. And there are also more than one way to invest cash – buying shares or giving you a convertible loan would be the two main ones.

If you seek funding now, we hope that this webpage can give you an understanding from the view of the angel. Understanding the angel’s role is critical. If you just want money and no involvement, then you are looking for an investor of some kind, not an angel.

To get angel funding through GUST, you have to get a lead angel first. This is one angel in BAN that believes in you and put down cash. Then this lead angel will recommend your startup for the regional investment committee who may choose to look closer into your company and potentially put it forward to all the regional angels. And thereafter on Norwegian level and potentially on the Nordic level.

Send us a pitch

If no one in BAN has invested in you, you may contact the BAN secretariat with your pitch and any relevant information. We will try to help and may connect you with individual angels that seem relevant. However, this is not our main function. Our main role is to be a platform where our members, the angels, can recommend the companies they have invested in – to other members.