Part of EU’s 80 Billion Euro initiative Horizon 2020, Nordic Angel Program is training program about cross-border startup investment.


You have a fantastic idea and want to take it to the next level? Our international Investor collaboration, backed by one of the largest EU initiatives of its kind, makes sure you get the amount of funding you need to sprint to the global frontline.

Who can participate: Main focus is ICT Startups and Scaleups, but we keep this open for everyone – if your idea is ambitious and needs wings to expand internationally, this is the right program for you. If you are already on the market and want to expand (Scaleup), you are welcome to apply too – no matter which stage.

If you can’t see your idea in those groups – do apply anyways! We might be able to help with our national initiatives.

Registration below. Deadline 30 September 2019.

We want this to be accessible for everyone with a great idea. So, if this is your first time working with Angel Investors – we made it our mission being there for you personally and guide you every step of the way.


Most experienced Angels see their direct impact as a very rewarding experience. In addition, the Nordic Angel Program aims to lower the risks involved. We are personally there for you in how to get started / guiding you through the process.

  • Learn from experienced angels
  • Get tax benefit on your investment (!)
  • Invest in a whole portfolio of companies from only 30.000NOK
  • Together select the companies - and your chance to have big returns
  • Make a difference for startupers, using your knowledge and contacts
  • Both for first-time angels and experienced angels

Registration below. 


For related questions, please contact:

Rita Anson +47 930 21 709



Traditionally, investor pools in Europe - while having the same capitalization than the U.S. market - are segmented with smaller individual payouts into more projects. This results in a smaller chance bringing your idea into the late stages, making funding a constant issue throughout the first years – especially when a company needs to scale fast to outrun global competitors with deeper pockets.

In the past, startups / scaleups in the United States had access to larger pools due to many factors, including a larger, borderless economy. Europe’s “Horizon 2020” initiative is working to close that gap by enabling better cross-border investment collaboration.

The Nordic Angel Program specifically addresses those challenges on a scale that is rarely achieved by national initiatives in Europe. Together with Finland (FiBAN), Estland (EstBAN), Denmark (DanBAN), BAN Norway and NordicBAN we pool international resources together to give the best ideas a much larger funding base than normally possible. To put it simply:

Larger startup and investor pool plus more / stricter selection / due diligence with international expertise = Higher success rates for Ideas, and Investors.


Through several rounds of careful selection, workshops, pitching, due diligence and cross- border evaluation – done by some of the most experienced minds in the business – a consortium will curate the best startups. The winners will receive an investment from a pool of Angels.

To curate investors and Startups, our international consortium developed several innovative tools, including “Startup includer” where Investors and Startup / Scaleups register themselves and have access to powerful tools regarding documentation, communication, and pitching. The Startups are also mentored throughout the process.


30th September: Deadline for Startups to Apply

8th October: Kickoff + 20 selected Startups pitch

15th October: First Angel Masterclass 

22nd October: Workshop with Startups: Matchmaking & Speed dating

24th October: Second Angel Masterclass 

29th October: Third Angel Masterclass 

5th November: Fourth Angel Masterclass 

7th November: Workshop with TOP 5 Startups: Due diligence

12th November: FINAL mingling with TOP 5 

Week 48: Nomination of Winners in Oslo 

The end of the first application period is 30th September - click below to sign up. More detailed information inside. 


Business Angels Norway understands the level of trust you put in us in forwarding your business ideas. We are personally committed to handle your information with the utmost care.

In case you become a finalist, you will get asked to pitch your idea to a larger audience. If you have sensible information in your presentation you don’t want to share in a pitch - there are ways. Have someone with industry expertise endorse you / share testimonials / make small changes that are not critical for the reception of the project; in short, be creative!

Lastly, Angel Investors do not profit from stealing the ideas itself - they profit from supporting passionate people that are committed to that one idea.

If you have any questions, contact us.