Cross-border angel program to raise awareness and share best practices of angel investing.


Nordic Angel Program (NAP) is a pre-venture, co-investment program in Norway for angel investors – together with FiBAN, EstBAN, DanBAN and NordicBAN. Each round leads to investment in a company(-ies) selected by the angels. The first round pre-summer 2018 is a pilot project to assess the Norwegian environment.


There is a need for angel investing best practices in the New Nordics (Nordic+Baltic). In addition there is a need for support to form international angel investment syndicates. The goal is to increase cross-border investing awareness among existing and potential startup investors as well as establishing structured best practices both nationally and internationally.


To further crossborder investment activities, joint study trips will be facilitated. The group investment and due diligence is done using a common investment platform StartupIncluder, supported by angel workshops. The investment process will be led by experienced angels.

Program Includes

Master Classes

Interactive meetings focusing on cross-border investing. and sharing of investment material including Templates, tools, etc.


Group discussions and decisions. Startup screening and Due diligence. 

Network/link with experienced Angels

The investment decisions are done as a group led by experienced investors. 

Joint investor trips

Study trips introducing investors with the investment community in that region.

Main topics


Building a Portfolio
​& Screening Guidelines


Investment Terms & 
Lead Investor Activity


Due Diligence &
Investment Criteria


Startup Management &
Growth Tools

Group Investment


- Ticket size ca 5.000 - 20.000 EUR 
- Group of ca 25 investors
- Led by experienced angels

Investment platform​​

- Group screening and evaluation of deal flow
- Shared due diligence process
- Electronic signing and document

Cross Border

- Other NAP programs
- Meet international investors
- Find international deal flow

Deal flow from startup conferences​

The deal flow screened and invested are attached to the startup stream of the main startup conferences in the region of the
angel network host.

Program Overview

Program Overview

Application Process

Nordic Angel Program is a brilliant opportunity to dig deeper into the secrets of angel investing and learn from the experienced peers to start as a business angel. Share the word and join the syndicate yourself. Both,early stage startups and angel investors are welcome to submit their applications below. There will be a few questions about your startup or investment activity. We will review the basic profile and send further instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us at Application deadline is set at 11:th of April

NAP Group Photo
 More information to be published shortly.

For questions contact:

Prashant Sharma

Project Coordinator

+4794297252 |

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