Programs and Competitions

Make your first Startup investment by joining the

Business Angels Training Program


Let OSLO INTERNATIONAL ANGELS guide you through each step of the journey to making your first early-stage Startup investment this autumn.

The course includes practical and theoretical input from presenters with in-depth knowledge of early-stage investment. Hear their first-hand experiences and guidance along with 20 hand-picked startup pitches. We'll work through voting rounds and conducting due diligence on the finalists. Through the 4 sessions you will gain the fundamentals of this exciting form of investing. As a group guided by our Lead Angel, we will select a winner to invest in!

Minimum investment is NOK 15 000; receive a tax incentive if you invest NOK 30 000 or more.

Experienced business angels can opt to access just the Startups deal flow and participate in the final group investment.

The first session is Tuesday 24th of November at Oslo International House (Oscars Gate 27, Oslo), and the program concludes Tuesday 15th of December. We will conduct this program for a select number of participants in person, adhering to all current COVID-19 guidelines including physical distancing, but an online option will also be available to those who prefer this method of delivery. 

Business Angels Norway has active communities of angel investors in Bærum, Asker, and Oslo. This program will also include limited involvement of our Youth Angels - Empowering high schoolers and students as business angels.

Working for Angels, helping Entrepreneurs.

Price plan:

4 Lectures & Workshops tuition + access to BAN Norway Startups deal flow:  8000 NOK

Access to BAN Norway Startups Deal flow only:  4000 NOK



Tuesday 24th November: ABCs of angel investment + investor tools and platform

Tuesday 1st December: Startup pitches + Q&A, review and screening

Tuesday 8th December: Due diligence + legal tax & contracts / Managing your investment

Tuesday 15th December: Group Investment & Return on Investment, valuation & deal making



For related questions, please contact:

Rita Anson +47 930 21 709


The Startups selected for this course are handpicked by our Lead Angel.

You'll have the opportunity to pitch in front of our business angels, attend networking sessions with them, and explore opportunities for investment through our relations platform CrowdWorks.

We are primarily concerned with the Startup team's composition and novelty of the technology or service. It is possible to be selected to pitch in several of the regional competitions, so be prepared!

For Startups -  Pitch Competition

Business Angels Norway has an active network of angel investors. This autumn, our investors  are looking for new investment-ready Startups that want to scale. Are you ready to pitch them?

The 20 most promising Startups will be selected to pitch in front of a local network of angel investors, where a winner will be chosen for investment.

To be evaluated for the competition, you must create a profile on our investor platform CrowdWorks.

Click the "Startup" button ABOVE to receive a formal invitation and a registration e-mail to sign up for CrowdWorks. 



Business Angels Norway understands the level of trust you put in us in forwarding your business ideas. We are personally committed to handle your information with the utmost care.

In case you become a finalist, you will get asked to pitch your idea to a larger audience. If you have sensible information in your presentation you don’t want to share in a pitch - there are ways. Have someone with industry expertise endorse you / share testimonials / make small changes that are not critical for the reception of the project; in short, be creative!

Lastly, Angel Investors do not profit from stealing the ideas itself - they profit from supporting passionate people that are committed to that one idea.

If you have any questions, contact us.