Programs and Competitions

Educate yourself as an angel

Being a Business Angel is not for everyone. The work is demanding, and the risk is often great since most startups and scale-ups will fail. To be successful, you need to be prepared for a challenge and to educate yourself. To do that, take part in our structured programs that we facilitate all year long. 

What you will get from our training programs: 

  • Sharpen your investor profile: get tips and tricks to showcase yourself as an investor and develop a clearer view of why you want to become a Business Angel
  • Get a mix of theory and practice on how to screen and evaluate startups
  • Learn to invest as both a team and solo
  • Expand your network: get in touch with experienced investors and business owners
  • Share your challenges with fellow investors-in-training and get advice from experienced Angels
  • Get an overview of the startup ecosystem locally and internationally
  • Be part of the future: see what’s trending and learn to keep an eye out for new investment opportunities
  • Be part of something bigger and better: support growth and development in the startup community


The Startups selected for this course are handpicked by our Lead Angel.

You'll have the opportunity to pitch in front of our business angels, attend networking sessions with them, and explore opportunities for investment through our relations platform CrowdWorks.

We are primarily concerned with the Startup team's composition and novelty of the technology or service. It is possible to be selected to pitch in several of the regional competitions, so be prepared!

For Startups -  Pitch Competition

Business Angels Norway has an active network of angel investors. This autumn, our investors  are looking for new investment-ready Startups that want to scale. Are you ready to pitch them?

The 20 most promising Startups will be selected to pitch in front of a local network of angel investors, where a winner will be chosen for investment.

To be evaluated for the competition, you must create a profile on our investor platform CrowdWorks.

Click the "Startup" button ABOVE to receive a formal invitation and a registration e-mail to sign up for CrowdWorks. 



Business Angels Norway understands the level of trust you put in us in forwarding your business ideas. We are personally committed to handle your information with the utmost care.

In case you become a finalist, you will get asked to pitch your idea to a larger audience. If you have sensible information in your presentation you don’t want to share in a pitch - there are ways. Have someone with industry expertise endorse you / share testimonials / make small changes that are not critical for the reception of the project; in short, be creative!

Lastly, Angel Investors do not profit from stealing the ideas itself - they profit from supporting passionate people that are committed to that one idea.

If you have any questions, contact us.