Angels International Talent program.

Youth.MBA for 16-23 year olds


Be the most you can be!
For you: The Youth.MBA is for you that have good grades and an ambition to make the world
a better place

Background: International House in Oslo is run by the not-for-profit incubator Oslo International Hub. Since 2013 this incubator has run a number of programs for talents: Over 700 startups have received mentoring, over 1000 internationals have been welcomed to the Oslo region, over 60 students/graduates from more than 15 countries have been part of different mentorship programs – including a 1-month full-time training program for international youth flying in to learn the Nordic startup and leadership culture. International House is one of the largest arenas in the Nordics for world-class talent, hosting a number of companies, associations, events, and community.
Speakers: Alumni from the world’s top universities, business angels, tech startups, founder of train-for-US-universities program, systemic designers, career and life coaches, ANSA, Aker Scholarship, BI, ANSA, and more

Part I:  Career-perspectives, university applications, train as an angel investor, intro to tests: Talent, Entrepreneurial, Personality, GMAT, SAT +
Part II Internship, monthly sessions, company visits, mentors


  • International House, Oslo
    • Stanford Alumni – and Alumni-clubs of IvyOxbridge and top schools
    • Startup partners: Nordic Blue Crude, PictoryTale, Hotel Online, IOps Marine, Systemic Design Incubator, OI PR.
    • Oslo Welcome Center, [US embassy], [Aker scholarship], Business Angels Norway, Oslo International Angels, African Innovation Week, Blindern IB school


Program Includes
Master Classes
• Internship in startup/scaleup (either physical or remote)
• Investment 1000 NOK in shares in your selected startup during business angel training
• Membership at International House, Oslo
• YouthPass to African Innovation Week, last week of Oct
• Diploma for completion (75% of sessions). Diploma with honors, for those getting 80% on final program exam.
Group discussions with Business Angels and investment decisions. Startup screening and Due diligence.

Build network and link with experienced business angels

Mentor throughout the program

Main Topics
  • Why you should get a worldclass education? Why a global career? And how?
  • Concrete advice and help for getting accepted by worldclass universities and building worldclass careers
  • Mini Internships in top startups – for your CV
  •  Learn how to be a business angel – with investment opportunity in real startup shares from 1000kr (included in program cots)
  • Cosmopolitan life versus local life – pros and cons
  • SWOT your next 50 years
  • How to max your values and competencies over your 80+ year lifespan
  • Individual streetsmart mentoring
  • Embassy reception
  • Africa as the new global growth engine, what this means for your career
  • Practise sessions for your entrance tests
  • How to ace your motivational letter and personality tests (CUT-E?)
  • Cross-cultural career recruitment strategies

Program Schedule

When: Tuesdays 17-19 at International House, Oscarsgate 27, (Royal Palace/Bogstadveien), or Digital

Apply here:
Max 20 spots/according to Corona regulations. Rest: Digital only.

Price 1850NOK,  900 NOK/ 100 USD for digital only*


 More information to be published shortly.

For questions contact:

Jørn Lein-Mathisen

Project Director

+4793021709 |